Is it time for a Mitsubishi service? Here’s when to bring your car for a check-up

As a diligent Mitsubishi car owner, it’s your responsibility to bring your vehicle to Mitsubishi approved service centres regularly. The question is “when?”. Although the schedules can differ between models, the following can serve as your general guideline:



mitsubishi approved service centres



1. Tyres


Tyres are one of those components that ensure a smooth ride, especially since they are the ones in contact with the ground. Worn-out ones can be dangerous. They will have less friction, so they can slip, epsecially during wet or icy conditions.


For a Mitsubishi vehicle, you may need to rotate the tyres for an even wear every 6,000 miles or 6 months, whichever comes first. You also should balance air pressure at least every now and then.


You can also conduct a simple tyre depth tread to assess the wear. Use a 20-cent coin as a measurement tool, and if the tread doesn’t meet the platypus bill, it’s time to bring your vehicle to a service centre for a set of new ones.


2. Car Oil


Besides the fuel, oil is another fluid your car needs to keep on running. It prevents the moving parts in the motor from overheating by lubricating them. Oil, however, also needs changing once in a while.


The general rule is to bring your vehicle to Mitsubishi approved service centres for an oil change every 6 months. When it comes to mileage, the average is 7,500 miles. Some factors, though, can affect your schedule interval.


For example, it’s best to have your oil checked after winter since the low temperatures can thicken it. If you’re hauling heavy objects, then you need oil inspection more frequently. The same goes if you’re not using synthetic oil.


3. Air Conditioner


Cabin air conditioners are synonymous with comfort. This is especially true in Australia where summer temperatures can rise up to 40 degrees Celsius.


Like other appliances, your car’s air conditioning system needs maintenance. Consider bringing your vehicle to a car air conditioning service Brisbane centre every two years. If you’re using the system almost daily, do so annually.


You can also extend its life by changing the air filters every 12 months or cleaning the condenser with high-pressure water once in a while.


4. Brakes


Brakes help guarantee your safety while on the road, so you need to check them on a periodic maintenance shcedule service Mitsubishi centres recommend.


The first one may be once your car have run 1,000 kilometres. During this time, the technicians will assess the brakes, the fluid, and the hoses for possible leaks.


You can then bring your car for a light check-up once the mileage hits about 5,000 kilometres. Then, you can schedule a next brake inspection in a car service Newstead centre for the 10,000 kilometre mileage.


Final thoughts


You can get a better idea when to take your car to any of the Mitsubishi approved service centres in your area when you read the manual. If you already lost it, ask the experts who specialise in your car’s model.


Some people may avoid these inspections due to the costs they incur. But actually, as long as your vehicle is still under warranty, you don’t need to worry about these expenses. Most of all, safety and comfort are priceless.


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